Appeal Board Membership (29.9.2017 - 28.9.2020)

There are at present 27 panel members in the Appeal Board, including the Chairperson and 3 Deputy Chairpersons, as listed below. All panel members are appointed by the Chief Executive.

Mr. Ambrose HO, SBS, SC, JP

Deputy Chairpersons
Mr. Frederick CHAN Hing-fai
Mr. Kenneth KWOK Hing-wai, SBS, SC, JP
Dr. William WONG Ming-fung, SC

Ms. Bonnie CHAN Jo-ying
Mrs. Pamela CHAN WONG Shui, BBS, JP
Dr. CHAU Chi-kwan
Sr CHIU Kam-kuen
Dr. Catherine CHONG Shiu-yin
Dr. CHOY Hung-tat
Mr. Ivan FU Chin-shing, JP
Mr. Nevin HO Chi-lok
Mr. Sunny HO Lap-kee, JP
Mr. Lincoln HUANG Ling-hang, JP
Sr Spencer KWAN Tin-che
Mr. Alex LAI Ting-hong
Miss Queenie Fiona LAU
Ir Ben LEUNG Chi-hung
Mr. Philip LEUNG Kwong-hon
Mr. Fred LI Wah-ming, SBS, JP
Mr. Thomas LO Sui-sing, JP
Mr. Timothy MA Kam-wah, JP
Mr. Aidan TAM Lon-foong
Sr TANG Chi-wang
Mr. Aaron WAN Chi-keung, BBS, JP
Sr WU Kam-fai
Miss Vivian YU Yuk-ying

For the purpose of hearing an appeal, section 85(1) and (2) of the Ordinance provides that the board is to consist of a presiding officer (principally the Chairperson or a Deputy Chairperson) and 4 other members.




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